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Natural Dog Treats


Why Us

Delicious & nutrient-packed natural indulgences. Our Artisan crafted treats are air-dried with only the best sustainably sourced and natural ingredients.

Dog treats, good for Dogs” may sound contradictory, but we will always put health and quality first at Green Pantry. For this reason, our natural dog treats are specially formulated to promote optimal well-being through natural nutrition. But we also know that owning a dog is one of life’s greatest joys, and we believe that our furry friends deserve a reward for their perfect behaviour from time to time. That’s why, at Green Pantry, we offer a delectable range of natural, air-dried, incredibly tasty and highly nutritious treats. When it comes to dog treats, we take pride in providing a delicious and naturally nourishing selection.

The reason we can say “dog treats, good for dogs” all in the same sentence is quite simple. It’s because our commitment to quality lies in each of the sourcing, the composition, and the preparation of our ingredients. Each natural dog treat is crafted with a generous portion of freshly prepared meat or fish, serving as its foundation. Sustainable providers in the UK responsibly provide our freshly prepared meat, while our fish is obtained from MSC-accredited sources. With a minimum of 60% meat or fish content, these tasty dog treats ensure a wholesome and nutritious experience. Complementing these core ingredients are an array of delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs, which contribute to their overall nutritional goodness.

The next step is crucial in our process. We start by gently combining our carefully selected natural raw materials by hand. Having now freshly prepared our carefully selected ingredients with the utmost care, they are moved to a bespoke air-drying system that allows for a gentle flow of cool air for up to 7 days. This meticulous process removes moisture while preserving the delectable flavour and natural nutrients to the fullest extent possible.

To finish, each product undergoes a thorough quality check before slicing and packing. This entire process takes place in a sustainable manner, as our natural dog treats are crafted in a zero-waste, zero-landfill, and zero-fossil fuel factory.

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There is no universal solution. Dogs’ requirements differ based on factors such as health, medical conditions, activity level, and body condition. Use our search filter for tailored suggestions, or contact us for personalised assistance.

When plaque builds up on your dog’s teeth, it can eat away enamel, cause cavities, or even lead to gingivitis. Green Pantry diets contain no added sugars or salts, and diets such as our Turkey Dental have the benefit of active ingredients that help break down plaque and improve bad breath.

Colitis can cause discomfort and digestive issues. Here are some dietary recommendations to help manage colitis: Look for foods with a lower fat content. Green Pantry’s has a super low 6% fat content, which makes it easier to digest and less likely to cause irritation. Avoid treats or foods high in fats, as these may cause more issues.

Yes, we offer a sample pack selection of all our diets via the website; this is the perfect way for your dog to sample our natural diets. We also offer a 15% off reward on your next purchase after ordering these samples.

Proper nutrition is crucial for supporting overall health and well-being, especially when it comes to our furry companions. Providing a highly nutritious diet like Green Pantry can contribute to combating illnesses, supporting brain function, aiding growth and bone health, improving digestion, promoting healthy skin and coat, and enhancing mood.

Unlike many traditional dog foods, all our diets are Hypoallergenic. We use tailored ingredients, proteins, and nutrient sources that avoid triggering allergies and antibodies, making them excellent for sensitive dogs prone to allergies and reactions.

We do not condone the use of animal testing.

We incorporate exclusively unique and customised herbal blends in our dietary plans, each tailored to address specific requirements. Plant-based components offer a diverse array of vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids. These elements support digestion, skin health, oral health, and weight control.

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