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About Green Pantry

F R E S H L Y P R E P A R E D M E A T & F I S H

Freshly Prepared Products

Our foods feature generous portions of freshly prepared ingredients. Looking just like they would in your own kitchen before cooking, this sets us apart from conventional pet foods that rely on dried or liquid forms of meat & fish.


Natural Ingredients

Our Co-Founder, Keith Allison, was not just a pet lover but an expert in natural pet nutrition. His expertise is the driving force behind our commitment to natural nutrition, using it to provide your pet with the highest-quality meals and nutrition.


Excellent Customer Service

At Green Pantry, we treasure all customers, be they four-legged or two. Our 4.9/5 Trustpilot rating shows our unwavering commitment to customer service, which is a fundamental cornerstone of our business.

Nutritional Health For Dogs

Along with providing core nutrition for your pet’s well-being. Each product is also uniquely tailored to address further specific health and dietary requirements, ranging from joint health to pancreatitis support.

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Our Story

In 2008, the unique dog food brand Green Dog (later to become Green Pantry) was launched, setting itself apart from other complete dog foods by elevating the concept and benefits of natural nutrition for dogs to a whole new level.

This accomplishment was mainly down to the expertise of Keith Allison, who extensively researched the advantages of natural and herbal ingredients for dogs. Keith also identified that the premium quality of all components used was paramount to ensure the highest possible levels of natural nutrition retention. Along with the Green Pantry team, they carefully addressed factors affecting a dog’s overall well-being, such as harmful chemicals and subpar ingredients commonly found in dog food and products.

Their dedication resulted in a natural dog food offering notable health benefits and visibly enhancing the well-being of dogs that consume it.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to, day by day, share in the joy of helping your pet lead their best life through the benefits of high-quality and trusted natural nutrition.

Green Pantry is committed to providing pets with a healthy and natural alternative to traditional pet food products. Our focus is on deriving the best quality nutrition using nature’s pantry, which is why we always use natural ingredients wherever possible. By sourcing only the highest quality natural ingredients, we can ensure that pets receive the goodness they need to live happy and healthy lives.

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Our Vision

To become the UK’s most trusted independent partner for pet nutrition, trusted by pet parents and pets alike.

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and Integrity is at the heart of the way we work. For many people, their trusted pet is one of the most essential parts of their lives. When you entrust their nutrition to Green Pantry, we will respond in kind with open honesty and integrity.

Our customers

Our customers, be it two-legged or four, will always come first. That’s why customer excellence is a number 1 priority. And don’t take our word for it; head to our Trustpilot page.

Continuous Hard Work and Self-improvement

We understand that quality never stands still. That’s why we will never stop working to try and improve our products and services at Green Pantry. After all, our beloved pets should only ever expect the best.

Our Sustainability Promise

Sustainable pet food is, quite rightly, a real buzzword currently. Nearly all brands of dog food and pet food in the UK will claim to be sustainable. And yet, many are still made outside of the UK, and even more continue to use plastic packaging. As part of our integrity value, we believe being as kind as possible to our environment is not open for debate.

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Locally Made

Food miles generate nearly 20% of all CO2 emissions that come from food (European Commission 2023). Sadly, pet food is a significant player in this. It may surprise you, but many of our ‘British’ pet food suppliers have their products made overseas, mainly in mainland Europe but sometimes even further afield. At Green Pantry, we are committed to keeping our food miles as low as possible, which is why all of our products are produced at home in the UK.

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Sourced with Care

Not only does carefully selecting the highest quality ingredients allow us to provide top-notch nutrition, but it also allows us to work with top-quality suppliers who care about sustainability and animal welfare.

Every time you think your beloved pet deserves a little reward with one of Green Pantry’s natural treats, you can go ahead safe in the knowledge the meat comes from a red tractor-approved farm and the fish is from an MSC-accredited source.

So go on, take the Green Road, With Green Pantry. Not only are you giving your best four-legged friend their best life, but you are also taking care of the planet.

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Paper Packaging

It’s a no-brainer for us. Our products all feature eco-friendly, fully recyclable paper packaging. While it seems like common sense, it’s surprising that most non-can pet food is packaged in plastic.

Furthermore, we prioritise sourcing our packaging locally in the UK and using water-based inks to ensure safety even if your not so well behave friend decides to try and eat the packaging.

Our Top Tips

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Yes, you can cancel or pause your subscription anytime without penalty or a minimum period. Head over to your online account (subscriptions) at any time and easily cancel or pause your subscription. Always feel free to call us if you are in any doubt. 01553 811320

If your order still needs to be processed, yes, of course. You can add other available products or change your order online or over the phone with us at any time. Just head over to your online account (subscriptions) at any time and easily remove, add, or change your products.

Yes, you can head over to your online account (subscriptions) anytime and easily update your payment information; you can also choose a different payment or delivery schedule or bring your order forward. Always feel free to call us if you are in any doubt. 01553 811320

We accept all major credit cards, including Apple and Google Pay.

Pay with your chosen payment method when you first order; this is stored securely with STRIPE and not on our website. When your next order is due, your order will be processed, and your payment details will only be charged again at that point.

Yes, shop as normal and select dog or cat food, treats, or supplements. Select the size and quantity required. You can either choose to buy once or select a delivery frequency from every week up to every six months. Check out as normal, and your first order will be dispatched the same day for next working day delivery. Future orders will be processed and dispatched according to the frequency you have set.

Yes, we offer a sample pack selection of all our diets via the website; this is the perfect way for your dog to sample our natural diets. We also offer a 15% off reward on your next purchase after ordering these samples.


The appropriate portion varies based on your pet’s size, age, and activity level. Refer to our packaging and website, or contact us for specific feeding guidelines at 01553 811320.


There is no universal solution. Dogs’ requirements differ based on factors such as health, medical conditions, activity level, and body condition. Use our search filter for tailored suggestions, or contact us for personalised assistance.

When plaque builds up on your dog’s teeth, it can eat away enamel, cause cavities, or even lead to gingivitis. Green Pantry diets contain no added sugars or salts, and diets such as our Turkey Dental have the benefit of active ingredients that help break down plaque and improve bad breath.

Colitis can cause discomfort and digestive issues. Here are some dietary recommendations to help manage colitis: Look for foods with a lower fat content. Green Pantry’s has a super low 6% fat content, which makes it easier to digest and less likely to cause irritation. Avoid treats or foods high in fats, as these may cause more issues.

Yes, we offer a sample pack selection of all our diets via the website; this is the perfect way for your dog to sample our natural diets. We also offer a 15% off reward on your next purchase after ordering these samples.

Proper nutrition is crucial for supporting overall health and well-being, especially when it comes to our furry companions. Providing a highly nutritious diet like Green Pantry can contribute to combating illnesses, supporting brain function, aiding growth and bone health, improving digestion, promoting healthy skin and coat, and enhancing mood.

Unlike many traditional dog foods, all our diets are Hypoallergenic. We use tailored ingredients, proteins, and nutrient sources that avoid triggering allergies and antibodies, making them excellent for sensitive dogs prone to allergies and reactions.

We do not condone the use of animal testing.

We incorporate exclusively unique and customised herbal blends in our dietary plans, each tailored to address specific requirements. Plant-based components offer a diverse array of vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids. These elements support digestion, skin health, oral health, and weight control.

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Introduced in 2008, Green Pantry revolutionised dog food by elevating natural nutrition. Founder Keith Allison’s dedication to natural and herbal compounds, alongside our use of high-quality ingredients, set us apart in the market.

Maintaining healthy skin and coat requires proper nutrients. Our diets are free from common allergens like wheat and maise and enriched with high-quality nutrients, fats, and vitamins to support healthy skin and coat from the inside out.

Our packaging is entirely recyclable or biodegradable, utilising only safe water-based inks.

As a proud UK-based small business, we are committed to minimising our environmental impact and reducing our carbon footprint, which is why all our products are made in the UK.

All our fully traceable ingredients are sourced within the UK from reputable farms and fisheries. They are collected at the source to maintain ingredient quality and protein integrity during transportation.

We carefully cook each diet at 82ºC (180ºF) to preserve the proteins, ensuring optimal digestibility and nutritional value for your furry companions. Utilising cutting-edge technology, we incorporate generous amounts of fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, and herbs into our premium recipes. Our treats are air-dried, an even longer process at a lower temperature.

Green Pantry’s natural supplements can enhance your dog’s well-being. These supplements can positively impact critical areas like joint care, dental hygiene, anxiety, and intestinal health. Utilise our search filter for personalised recommendations, or contact us directly.

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