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Natural Dog Supplements


Why Us

At Green Pantry, we believe in the benefits of natural nutrition wherever possible, just as nature had intended. That’s why we have specially formulated a range of complimentary natural & herbal supplements for dogs so you can give your puppy or dog that little extra, 100% natural, nutritional boost. We aim to ”support your dog’s health and wellbeing requirements through high-quality natural nutrition.’

Each of our natural and herbal supplements is developed with care to harness the power of Mother Nature so that they can aid in support of a specific dog’s health or wellness area, whether it be bad dog breath, separation anxiety or the aches and pains of being a senior dog, here at green pantry we have crafted a natural supplement that may be able to help.

Wherever possible, all our herbs and vegetables that make up our natural dog supplements are sourced from the UK, and they are always sourced only from the highest quality suppliers. In fact, the majority of the herbs and vegetables we use are of human-grade standard.

Having sourced our high-quality ingredients, they are gently ground, milled, and mixed into a coarse powder form to be easily mixed in with your dog’s food. Our extra gentle process also allows for retaining as much of nature’s goodness as possible. All you need to do is sprinkle them over your dog’s dinner.

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Yes, you can cancel or pause your subscription anytime without penalty or a minimum period. Head over to your online account (subscriptions) at any time and easily cancel or pause your subscription. Always feel free to call us if you are in any doubt. 01553 811320

If your order still needs to be processed, yes, of course. You can add other available products or change your order online or over the phone with us at any time. Just head over to your online account (subscriptions) at any time and easily remove, add, or change your products.

Yes, you can head over to your online account (subscriptions) anytime and easily update your payment information; you can also choose a different payment or delivery schedule or bring your order forward. Always feel free to call us if you are in any doubt. 01553 811320

We accept all major credit cards, including Apple and Google Pay.

Pay with your chosen payment method when you first order; this is stored securely with STRIPE and not on our website. When your next order is due, your order will be processed, and your payment details will only be charged again at that point.

Yes, shop as normal and select dog or cat food, treats, or supplements. Select the size and quantity required. You can either choose to buy once or select a delivery frequency from every week up to every six months. Check out as normal, and your first order will be dispatched the same day for next working day delivery. Future orders will be processed and dispatched according to the frequency you have set.

Yes, we offer a sample pack selection of all our diets via the website; this is the perfect way for your dog to sample our natural diets. We also offer a 15% off reward on your next purchase after ordering these samples.

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