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Yes, you can cancel or pause your subscription anytime without penalty or a minimum period. Head over to your online account (subscriptions) at any time and easily cancel or pause your subscription. Always feel free to call us if you are in any doubt. 01553 811320

If your order still needs to be processed, yes, of course. You can add other available products or change your order online or over the phone with us at any time. Just head over to your online account (subscriptions) at any time and easily remove, add, or change your products.

Yes, you can head over to your online account (subscriptions) anytime and easily update your payment information; you can also choose a different payment or delivery schedule or bring your order forward. Always feel free to call us if you are in any doubt. 01553 811320

We accept all major credit cards, including Apple and Google Pay.

Pay with your chosen payment method when you first order; this is stored securely with STRIPE and not on our website. When your next order is due, your order will be processed, and your payment details will only be charged again at that point.

Yes, shop as normal and select dog or cat food, treats, or supplements. Select the size and quantity required. You can either choose to buy once or select a delivery frequency from every week up to every six months. Check out as normal, and your first order will be dispatched the same day for next working day delivery. Future orders will be processed and dispatched according to the frequency you have set.

There is no universal solution. Dogs’ requirements differ based on factors such as health, medical conditions, activity level, and body condition. Use our search filter for tailored suggestions, or contact us for personalised assistance.

When plaque builds up on your dog’s teeth, it can eat away enamel, cause cavities, or even lead to gingivitis. Green Pantry diets contain no added sugars or salts, and diets such as our Turkey Dental have the benefit of active ingredients that help break down plaque and improve bad breath.

Colitis can cause discomfort and digestive issues. Here are some dietary recommendations to help manage colitis: Look for foods with a lower fat content. Green Pantry’s has a super low 6% fat content, which makes it easier to digest and less likely to cause irritation. Avoid treats or foods high in fats, as these may cause more issues.

Yes, we offer a sample pack selection of all our diets via the website; this is the perfect way for your dog to sample our natural diets. We also offer a 15% off reward on your next purchase after ordering these samples.

Proper nutrition is crucial for supporting overall health and well-being, especially when it comes to our furry companions. Providing a highly nutritious diet like Green Pantry can contribute to combating illnesses, supporting brain function, aiding growth and bone health, improving digestion, promoting healthy skin and coat, and enhancing mood.

Unlike many traditional dog foods, all our diets are Hypoallergenic. We use tailored ingredients, proteins, and nutrient sources that avoid triggering allergies and antibodies, making them excellent for sensitive dogs prone to allergies and reactions.

We do not condone the use of animal testing.

We incorporate exclusively unique and customised herbal blends in our dietary plans, each tailored to address specific requirements. Plant-based components offer a diverse array of vital nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids. These elements support digestion, skin health, oral health, and weight control.

We prioritise whole, traceable ingredients over meat or animal derivatives. Unlike derivatives, which lack clarity on the animal source and specific parts used, named ingredients offer transparency. Manufacturers can alter the animal source for derivatives at any time, resulting in ingredient variability. This inconsistency may not be ideal for dogs, particularly those with sensitivities. It’s important to take into account other ambiguous terms like “derivatives of vegetable origin,” “fish derivatives,” and “cereals.”

Don’t overlook the value of whole grains in a dog’s diet. They are crucial to a balanced nutrition plan, providing essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fibre, and sustainable energy. Green Panty diets feature beneficial whole grains such as nutrient-rich Brown Rice for carbohydrates and fibre, Whole Oats packed with fibre and antioxidants for overall health, Whole Barley is known for aiding digestion and supplying energy, and whole millet that is gluten-free and easily digestible.

Yes, can add water to Green Pantry if you are feeding perhaps an older dog or trying to slow a dog that eats too fast. Adding water on a hot day can help water intake.

Feeding dogs with anal gland issues may require special dietary and lifestyle adjustments. In addition to regular exercise and proper hydration, incorporating fibre-rich foods is beneficial. Green Pantry’s premium diets feature pure fibre sources such as barley, sweet potato, and natural herbage blends, promoting healthy bowel movements and aiding in the natural expression of anal glands.

Yes, Green Pantry diets are suitable for all species and life stages, making feeding a busy household much easier and less complicated. There are some notable puppy exceptions; however, so please double-check the label or website or call us.

Using high-quality ingredients can reduce the amount of food needed. These ingredients are rich in nutrients like essential vitamins and minerals. They enhance the flavour, making your dog’s meals more enjoyable and satisfying for a longer time.

No, we refuse to use any artificial colourants, derivatives, flavour enhancers or unnecessary synthetic chemicals.

Always keep your Green Pantry away from direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place. Rest assured, we only use natural ingredients to preserve our food safely.

We only use Chicken in our chicken formulation. While Chicken is an excellent ingredient, we understand it may only suit some dogs, so we exclude it from our other formulations.

Unlike many traditional dog foods, our diets are hypoallergenic. We incorporate customised ingredients, proteins, and nutrient sources to prevent allergic reactions and antibodies. This food is ideal for sensitive dogs prone to allergies and reactions.

As your dog ages, their nutritional needs can change, so it’s essential to provide them with the right food to support their health. Most Green Pantry diets are suitable for older dogs; for specifics such as lower calories or help with mobility, consider feeding our White Fish or Lamb. Older dogs generally benefit from fewer calories. A diet that is lower in calories may help to prevent weight gain. Being less active and having a slower metabolism makes it harder for them to burn calories. Green Pantry Lamb (Mobility) has the added benefit of Green Lipped Mussel, this natural ingredient can help support joint health and help build cartilage while reducing inflammation and pain.

To avoid upsetting their stomach, introduce a new diet gradually. Follow Green Panty’s simple steps for a smooth switch.
Start Gradually: Over 5-7 days, mix Green Panty with your dog’s current diet. Here is a sample transition plan:

  • Day 1: 25%, Green Pantry, 75% old diet.
  • Day 3: 50%, Green Pantry 50% old diet.
  • Day 5: 75%, Green Pantry 25% old diet.
  • Day 7: 100% Green Pantry.

Avoid overlooking the benefits of whole grains for dogs. They play a crucial role in a well-rounded diet, providing essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fibre, and sustainable energy. Green Panty diets incorporate wholesome whole grains such as nutritious Brown Rice for carbohydrates and fibre, Whole Oats rich in fibre and antioxidants for overall health support, Whole Barley for its digestive benefits and energy source, and gluten-free, easily digestible whole millet.

If your dog has a grain allergy, a grain-free diet can offer significant benefits to those with sensitive stomachs or allergies. Green Pantry’s grain-free diets feature ingredients like sweet potato and lentils, providing essential nutrients, fibre, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Whilst getting old is not an ailment in itself, sadly, our beloved friends can suffer from its effects nonetheless. As your dog ages, its nutritional needs may change. Providing appropriate food is crucial for its well-being. For specific needs like fewer calories or mobility support, try our White Fish or Lamb options. Older dogs benefit from a low-calorie diet to prevent weight gain. Decreased activity and a slower metabolism can make calorie-burning challenging.

In particular, Green Pantry’s Lamb with Cranberry and Brown Rice, including Lipped Mussel, promotes joint health and cartilage development and reduces inflammation, which is particularly useful for older dogs.

A low-fat, highly digestible diet is beneficial for older or overweight dogs. Our White Fish diet, with just 6% fat and high fibre, is nutritionally balanced and suitable for sensitive stomachs or pancreatitis. Avoid fatty treats and opt for smaller, more frequent meals, ensuring access to fresh water.

Our formulations exclusively incorporate natural ingredients, avoiding artificial additives and synthetic chemicals. At Green Pantry, we prioritise nature’s wisdom.

Our diets are GMO-free. For further inquiries, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Introduced in 2008, Green Pantry revolutionised dog food by elevating natural nutrition. Founder Keith Allison’s dedication to natural and herbal compounds, alongside our use of high-quality ingredients, set us apart in the market.

Finding the proper diet can make a big difference in easing some issues related to dog arthritis and diminishing joint health. By including ingredients like green-lipped mussel, turmeric, celery seed and linseed, our Lamb with Cranberry and brown rice is specifically formulated to support joint health

Maintaining healthy skin and coat requires proper nutrients. Our diets are free from common allergens like wheat and maise and enriched with high-quality nutrients, fats, and vitamins to support healthy skin and coat from the inside out.

While this behaviour is common, monitoring excessive or persistent paw biting is crucial. We exclude common allergens from our diets, which can aid in managing allergies and promoting overall health and well-being.

Our packaging is entirely recyclable or biodegradable, utilising only safe water-based inks.

Many things can lead to separation anxiety, and diet alone is rarely the reason or the cure. However, it can very much be a contributing factor to both. Our Fresh Duck with sweet potato and blueberry is formulated with hemp and valerian, natural relaxants. When used alongside other daily routines, this could help with stress-related issues.

Dog dental health is often forgotten. However, proper dental care can make a difference to things like your smelly dog breath. Along with regular cleaning and scaling, the proper diet can help. That’s why we offer a specific dental care diet, our Fresh Turkey with Mint and Parsley

To ensure your dog maintains healthy skin and coat, providing the necessary nutrients is crucial. Avoid typical allergens like wheat, maize, and their by-products. Green Pantry’s formulas contain high-quality nutrients, fats, and vitamins that promote healthy skin and coat from within. Our diets exclude common allergens. Specifically crafted to enhance skin and coat health, our Fresh Chicken with Apple and Pumpkin formula is tailored for this purpose.

As a proud UK-based small business, we are committed to minimising our environmental impact and reducing our carbon footprint, which is why all our products are made in the UK.

All our fully traceable ingredients are sourced within the UK from reputable farms and fisheries. They are collected at the source to maintain ingredient quality and protein integrity during transportation.

It’s not always easy to offer a nutritionally rich yet low-fat and weight-controlling diet. However, that’s exactly what our White Fish with Kale and Beetroot is. With just 6% fat, it is one of the lowest-fat dog foods on the market.

We carefully cook each diet at 82ºC (180ºF) to preserve the proteins, ensuring optimal digestibility and nutritional value for your furry companions. Utilising cutting-edge technology, we incorporate generous amounts of fresh meat, vegetables, fruits, and herbs into our premium recipes. Our treats are air-dried, an even longer process at a lower temperature.

Because all our products use high-quality, natural core ingredients, they support healthy digestion. That being said, our Fresh Trout & Salmon, with its fish and easy to digest vegetables, is specifically designed for dogs with digestive issues.

Opt for a low-fat, highly digestible diet to reduce strain on the pancreas. Green Pantry’s White Fish diet contains only 6% fat and is high in fibre. It is nutritionally balanced and suitable for sensitive stomachs or pancreatitis. Avoid fatty treats and opt for smaller, more frequent meals. Ensure your dog has access to an ample supply of fresh water.

Green Pantry’s natural supplements can enhance your dog’s well-being. These supplements can positively impact critical areas like joint care, dental hygiene, anxiety, and intestinal health. Utilise our search filter for personalised recommendations, or contact us directly.

It is designed to meet your dog’s nutritional needs at every life stage, from puppyhood to senior years. Green Pantry is a nutritional powerhouse that eliminates the necessity for multiple dog food types.

While there is no conclusive evidence that a diverse diet improves your pet’s health, it has benefits. Variety can prevent boredom and facilitate flavour adjustments. Feel free to alternate between suitable Green Pantry diets, and adding freshly cooked vegetables can be a cost-effective and safe dietary supplement.

The appropriate portion varies based on your pet’s size, age, and activity level. Refer to our packaging and website, or contact us for specific feeding guidelines at 01553 811320.

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