Green Pantry Pork with Sage & Sweet Potato Natural Treat

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‘Delicious & nutrient-packed natural indulgences. Our Artisan crafted treats are air-dried with only the best sustainably sourced and natural ingredients.’’

Dog treats, good for Dogs” may sound contradictory, but we will always put health and quality first at Green Pantry. For this reason, our natural dog treats are specially formulated to promote optimal well-being through natural nutrition. But we also know that owning a dog is one of life’s greatest joys, and we believe that our furry friends deserve a reward for their perfect behaviour from time to time. That’s why, at Green Pantry, we offer a delectable range of natural, air-dried, incredibly tasty and highly nutritious treats. When it comes to dog treats, we take pride in providing a delicious and naturally nourishing selection.

The reason we can say “dog treats, good for dogs” all in the same sentence is quite simple. It’s because our commitment to quality lies in each of the sourcing, the composition, and the preparation of our ingredients. Each natural dog treat is crafted with a generous portion of freshly prepared meat or fish, serving as its foundation. Sustainable providers in the UK responsibly provide our freshly prepared meat, while our fish is obtained from MSC-accredited sources. With a minimum of 60% meat or fish content, these tasty dog treats ensure a wholesome and nutritious experience. Complementing these core ingredients are an array of delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs, which contribute to their overall nutritional goodness.

The next step is crucial in our process. We start by gently combining our carefully selected natural raw materials by hand. Having now freshly prepared our carefully selected ingredients with the utmost care, they are moved to a bespoke air-drying system that allows for a gentle flow of cool air for up to 7 days. This meticulous process removes moisture while preserving the delectable flavour and natural nutrients to the fullest extent possible.

To finish, each product undergoes a thorough quality check before slicing and packing. This entire process takes place in a sustainable manner, as our natural dog treats are crafted in a zero-waste, zero-landfill, and zero-fossil fuel factory.

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A highly nutritious and naturally tasty treat for dogs of all ages and sizes

Ingredients: 60% Pork, sage, sweet potato, potato, vegetable glycerol, preservative

  • Handmade in the UK
  • High-quality UK-sourced meat.
  • Human-grade ingredients made in an eco-factory (zero waste, zero landfill, zero fossil fuel)
  • Slowly air-dried ensures the highest retention of both flavour and nutritional profile
  • Nutritional Profile Crude Protein 15%, Crude Fat 9%, Moisture 25%, Crude Ash 4.0%, Crude Fibre 1.5%

Pork is naturally nutrient-rich and highly palatable. Making it an ideal reward for all well-behaved dogs. (and sometimes not-so-well-behaved ones 😉)

Do you want to reward your dog or pup with something sumptuously tasty that’s also naturally nutritious? Say hello to our Pork with Sage and Sweet Potato Natural Dog Treats—the ultimate in tail-wagging taste.

Handcrafted with sustainably sourced pork from UK Red Tractor-approved farms, our treats are packed with flavour to entice even the fussiest of canine palates. The Pork, sage and sweet potato infusion creates a harmony of tastes your dog won’t be able to resist. And because we’re devoted to your furry friend’s well-being just as much as you are, these treats are slowly air-dried for up to 7 days, locking in those mouthwatering flavours while retaining natural nutrients.

Our treats are made with human-grade ingredients in an eco-friendly factory powered by clean energy. We’re a small UK-based team that prioritises sustainable sourcing from local farms. Focusing on nutrition and irresistibility, we also offer a high-five to Mother Nature.

Whether your beloved dog’s a tiny tyke or a grand old woofer, whether they’ve been on their best behaviour (hopefully) or are charmingly mischievous—our treats fit the bill. After all, every dog deserves a dash of indulgence.

Oh, and for you, pet parents searching for that perfect blend of ‘healthy’ and ‘happy’ for your four-legged companions—our Pork with Sage and Sweet Potato Natural Dog Treats will surely become the highlight of their day (and quite possibly yours too when you see their joy!).

So, next time you’re browsing for natural dog treats, why not give Green Pantry a go. And remember, when you choose us, you’re not just getting a treat; you’re joining a family where each wag is cherished

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