The Story Behing The Green Man: Keith Allison

Keith Allison MA FRSM: Senior Technical Consultant

A true visionary. His abiding interest: animal welfare. 

Keith Allison

Keith was a graduate at the University of Exeter where he gained a higher research degree relating to optimal health and welfare in animal management. He later became a research fellow in the Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics Research Unit (VEERU) at the University of Reading.

One of his abiding interests was the identification of natural viable sources of bioactive compounds in plants and other substances used in animal foods, and their activity in the maintenance of good health. Since 1980 he had taken a leading role in the development of commercial products, which are steered first by the species natural diet, without the commonly used additions of synthetic vitamins and other chemical compounds for both for manufacturing and for nutritional manipulation. This approach is increasingly recognised as a valuable contribution to the maintenance of optimal health and management of many chronic diseases, including skin, digestion, joint problems and parasite infestation.

He had substantial experience in animal health research and product development, working in collaboration with multi-national companies in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and feeding stuffs industries. He was a specialist advisor in regulatory affairs relating to the production and marketing of organic foods and natural nutraceutical supplements in the agricultural, veterinary and animal health sectors.

He was also a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine; visiting lecturer in optimum health and welfare at several UK Universities and a contributor to specialist companion animal publications in the U.K and the U.S.