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Dear Green Pantry..................

Letters from Green Pantry users,

Hi, I just wanted to let you know about my cocker spaniel. He had struvite crystals a few years ago and was put on ********. He’s had problem after problem, particularly with cysts on his feet. I made the decision to change his food and try and cure his allergies (runny eyes, nose, dry skin, cysts) and still keep the crystals at bay. Talking to my local pet shop owner (Tails'n'Whiskers, Oakham) he recommended your turkey and brown rice. Oscar has been on this for almost 6 weeks now, I mix it with a fair amount of water and he barks at me when I start to prepare it! He loves it but most of all his coat is beautiful and shiny. His eyes have cleared up, his nose is almost back to normal
And we are even beating the cysts (only one left). He is looking amazing. So thank you for your amazing food!

Sharon and Oscar

We researched dog food for our 5 mini daxies and found Green Pantry. Compared it with others and also the company’s, and Greens was chosen for ingredients and being a British family firm. Well they all love it and a lot less ? too. Now some of my friends are changing over to it also. Watch Lollie who is staying with us change over and eat like she enjoys her food now.

Yvonne Metcalfe-Arndell

Transferred our dogs to this food. They love it! Complete change in coat condition and there health. Our Jack Russel is sensitive to lots of things. This isn’t one of them. Other food make her itch and now she is itch free! Our Puggle has been on the puppy food and was transferred to the adult with ease. Would happily recommend this food to any dog owner!

Ellie May Ward

After recently adopting a 6 year old ex-breeding Shih Tzu, I was getting in a muddle about what to feed her. I thought she would be fine with the dried food my other Shih Tzu eats but this was causing diarrhea and sometimes sickness. I was recommended the 80/20 Chicken and Vegetable by a member of the Timeflyz fly ball team and it has been brilliant. No more upset tummy and no sickness, she actually loves it! Hence I am now giving this to my older/allergy prone (and usually fussy) Shih Tzu who has had terrible skin and hair loss due to her constant scratching. I am amazed how in such a short space of time, her hair is growing back and she doesn't have the dry and flaky skin we are used to. I would totally recommend this product to anyone with sensitive dogs! Great price and very speedy delivery!


My Springer has been on this food for a few weeks now. In the past on her previous food she always seemed to need more than the recommended ration and would pester me relentlessly! She is much happier with this food and doesn't need/want any extra. She's also shed a few pounds and is looking fab!
She likes the taste so much I use it as treats for training too
Overall very pleased

Laura Bowden

We switched our 1 year old whippet to green pantry 80/20 chicken two months ago. The improvement in the quality of his coat is amazing! Every where we go people ask how we get it so shiny! All we can put it down to is this amazing food! 5 stars all day long!!

James Hancock

Switched from *********** as my lab girl was suffering with eczema type issues and had a really bad hemorrhagic diarrhoea bout ....shes now hairy again and loving it! She does get bored with one flavour tho so i crack an egg on it for her or buy the mini pouches great for holidays too! Thanks green pantry delivery is spot on too! Super fast.

Victoria L Bell

I swapped my competition dog onto a cheaper food to save costs and noticed a change in her performance and lack of energy. After being recommended the 80/20 Chicken and Vegetable I decided to trial it. Within a few weeks I noticed a huge change and her energy levels have returned and her performance improved. Not only is the food a great product it is also great value for money. Highly recommend.

Richard Porter

My 10 year old Collie bitch has been on this food for couple of months and her coat has never looked better, glossy and soft, really lovely. She also had regular tummy upsets which has now stopped. highly recommend.

Marina Harvey

Switched from ###### as my lab girl was suffering with eczema type issues and had a really bad hemorrhagic diarrhoea bout ....shes now hairy again and loving it! She does get bored with one flavour tho so i crack an egg on it for her or buy the mini pouches great for holidays too! Thanks green pantry delivery is spot on too! Super fast.

Victoria Louise Bell

So impressed with this food. My border terrier who's almost 6 has always suffered from regular severe allergy related ear infections & was overweight. Since being on this diet he has had no ear infections & he's lost a over a kg in weight. I'd highly recommend it.

Rachel Harrison

Can not recommend this food enough, my dogs love it, what a huge difference it makes, it is so clean & free from rubbish. This food keeps my dogs in top condition.

Nikki Cannon

Having bred and showed dogs for a number of years I came across this food at East of England show and was so impressed I decided to change my dogs onto it. They all love it, puppies raised on it look wonderful, and my show dogs look great, no beard staining on the schnauzers.
They all look amazing. I am so glad i discovered this food and recommend it to lots of people.

Ruth Bullock

My dog absolutely loves this food and it has done wonders for her skin ( she suffers with sensitive skin) and coat!
Have been recommending it to friends!

Keely Becket

I just wanted to drop a line to say thankyou. My local pet shop in Gainsborough advised me to try your grain free food, Our Beagle Buddy has had a rough start with menengitis we were advised a non processed diet like a raw food diet would be beneficial as he piled on the pounds and became lethargic, but i couldnt find much info about it, the lady their said she uses part raw and green dog as nothings processed. The rest is history he loves both flavours has lost weight and in the 1st few weeks we all noticed his coat become thicker and really glossy. So again thanks for bringing us a food that cares for our pets as we care for ourselves through our diets.

Kind regards All the lightfoots @ Buddy

P.s. i recommend it to everyone.

Good afternoon, back in October I purchased a bag of your turkey and a bag of your salmon dry food for cats when your representative was at G&M Growers in Upper Caldecote in Bedfordshire. I am pleased to report that both Spike, a 15 year old tuxedo male, and Tommy, a 10 year old ginger male, were very enthusiastic about it. I do hope that G&M will be stocking it on a regular basis.

Kind regards

Janet Pugh

"My Cavalier King Charles, Toffee, is a very picky eater and never has much of an appetite (a problem I wish I had). He turns his nose up at £40 steaks and is not keen on most dry dog food, including the some of the new natural versions, and even refuses certain treats. However, surprisingly he enjoys Green Dog Food’s Salmon, Trout & Veg recipe.  It's reassuring to know that he's eating Green Dog Food as it is a premium, holistic dog food packed with all the nutrients he needs. Cavaliers tend to have heart issues, so I am happy that Toffee likes the Salmon, Trout & Veg recipe as fish is very good for his heart. I look forward to him trying the other varieties."

Stacey Kivel, “Director Legal, Nor Energy”

I have fed Bruno, my 3yr old Labradoodle on Green Dog since he was 14 months old. I started on the puppy, but moved onto the adult at around 2 years.
After trying many brands and doing a straight swap and it was the best thing I ever did for him.
My dog loves his food, it is great value, when compared to feeding guides from other brands, and he is so healthy, happy and active since being on it. I will never change again!!!!
I have been recommending it to everyone and anyone.
Thank you  Claire Ashdjian

I own two Chow dogs who are very picky about the food they eat.  One of the dogs named Aslan who is so picky he won’t eat what I put down for him if he doesn’t like the look of the food even if he is hungry, he likes Green Dog so much he positively drools whilst waiting to be served!!

I recently tried a small bag of Green Dog Turkey and Rice and both my dogs absolutely loved it.

It is my intention to purchase the 12kg size of your product and to keep my dogs on it. I think it is a great product and I would thoroughly recommend it.  Many thanks.

Many thanks
Norma Owens


I have recently been using your product and I must say I am so pleased with it.

I would just like to say  that your product is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone.

Merry Christmas
Mrs Wallington & Maddie


I have just ordered my third bag of Turkey and Rice puppy and would like to say that our puppy, Coco is thriving on your wonderful food.  She is shiny, bright eyed and her very delicate tummy has been very happy!   Also your delivery is very quick!  Thank you from a devoted customer!

Petra Tucker


Thanks for your prompt shipping. Just some feedback from the 4x2kg bags I bought beforehand, my dogs both loved it and I am delighted with how much calmer my mad Alaskan Malamute has been since she started on this.

Ayesha Trott

I am writing to let you know how much the

I have now put both my Pugs on it and have also recommeded it to both my Mum and my Daughter for their dogs, so a huge thank you for making Lulu's life so much better.

Sherry Berry


We have two dogs, a Rottweiler and an Old Thyme English Bulldogge. We've fed them on your dog food for a little over two weeks now and the change was have seen has been fantastic. They are shedding a lot less, don't scratch so much, their skin is a lot less drier, and overall their coats are more shiny and in better condition than they have been having been fed other foods.

Simon Wilson


I swapped my 9 month old Labradoodle on to Green Dog Puppy and am so pleased with it! After months of sloppy poos, I  went for a straight swap, feeding him completely on Green Dog straight away. His poos are now wonderful, he loves the flavour, and it is very good value for money. Thank you. I have been recommending it to anyone who will listen!

Clair Ash


My puppy has always been fed your puppy food, the breeder recommended it to me, I wanted to let you know the when ever I go our people always stop and comment on the condition of my dogs coat, it looks great, I put this down to the food, thank you, I have a happy, healthy puppy and will be contining with this diet.

Linda Thornton



Sally Talbot


I just wanted to say thank-you!

My 4 month old lurcher pup had been on another similar priced food, with similar protein levels, that came highly recommended by both my local pet shop and feed merchants. However, the food didn’t seem to agree with her. Obviously we tried de-fleaing her, to no avail.

I found your website, ordered a bag of puppy food - Vesper hardly scratches at all anymore. Her coat is glossy and so soft people comment on it, and the flakiness has disappeared.

Whatever is in the previous food obviously disagreed with her. We’ll not be switching back.

Thank you for making my puppy’s life completely normal!


I just feel I need to contact you regarding your product, great service, great product the food has been a such a success with our dog, her digestion now is so much better and her stools are 100% better. She is a rehomed dog and so I was trying to find the correct food for her and I am so pleased I came across your company on the internet. I was speaking to my neighbour the other day she has just got a puppy so I recommended your company straight away and I think she might also have ordered some food from you.

Again thank you very much and you definitely have my custom for a good few years.

Kind regards,
Julie Franks

I have been using Green Dog for over a year now and have been delighted with the results it really helps to maintain a healthy weight and condition. My 7 year old bitch no longer needs to have her anal glands emptied after years of having them emptied regularly.   I raised my first litter on Green Dog and was delighted with the puppies development.

Julie West


I would just like to say how happy I am since being recommended to use Green Dog, by my local pet shop. My dog is a dudley white labrador (pink nose and fair coat).


Thank you so much for your service and for making my gorgeous mate Mojo more healthy.

Louise Wilson

I have just discovered that my dog is sensitive to synthethic vitamins and pleased to see that your product only contains natural ones. I had no idea that that they were so widely used in dog foods

Millie Jackson