The Story Behind Green Pantry

 Our main objective was to produce the worlds first 100% Natural complete dog food to contain Pura-Pel, a natural bio-active herbage mix. 


Green Pantry foods reflect the natural diet of the dog which is meat, part digested carbohydrate and vegetable matter from its prey and a range of foraged seeds, berries roots and herbs. All nutrients in our foods, including vitamins and pro-vitamins, are inherent in the raw materials. They are made from whole British Farmed ingredients, meat, properly balanced carbohydrates, vegetables and herbage. This means that, unlike many modern pet foods, they can be properly and safely digested.

Green Pantry's food formulations make them ideal for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs optimal nutrition is critical in the maintenance of good health.

2008 - Norfolk, the home of Green Pantry. Founded in early 2008, our main objective was to produce the worlds first 100% Natural complete dog food to contain a unique blend of bio-active herbs Pura-Pel, and a high content of natural vitamins and minerals that could potentially help dogs with a natural control of intestinal and external hygiene. All to be made in the UK with British local produce in recyclable packing.



2008 - 2013 We only had one product. Starting with only one product line Turkey and Brown Rice, We were up against much larger product ranges and companies. But through hard work, Family service,  Dogged determination and Phenomenal feedback and results the range and stockists grew. Knowing we had to stay ahead of the latest industry trends meant the development of one of the UK's first Grain Free complete diets Trout, Salmon and Vegetables.

Natural Dog Food
Keith Allison

The Green Man. Green Dog/Pantry was the brain child to the late KEITH ALLISON MA FRSM who sadly passed away in early 2012 at the young age of 61. Keith was a close friend to co-founders Simon, Pauline and Andrew,  making for a very close business with over 40 years experience within the pet industry.

FRSM, Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine

Kennels, Champion Dogs, Family Pet Shop, Simon has always been an avid dog lover who grew up surrounded by dogs, he worked in kennels with top breeders in the early 80’s during his early teens. Simon himself successfully showed Old English Sheepdogs under the well known prefix of Simberdale. Simon and Pauline and Andrew owned and ran a successful pet shop and wholesale business for several years before forming Green Dog/Pantry.

Natural Dog Food

Our ethics

  • We use holistic principles in the formulation of our diets
  • We use produce of organic farming methods where we can
  • We use dogs and cats belong to members of the public as our ‘tasting panel’
  • We use products from local suppliers where possible
  • We only use products which can be properly digested
  • We do not use products from inhumane farming systems
  • We do not use unsuitable chemicals of any description for product preservation, fortification, taste enhancement or appearance, or for any other reason.
  • We do not use laboratory animals for testing
  • We do not use unsuitable by-products
Green Pantry remains a famliy ran business distributed from rural Norfolk,  We enjoy the Norfolk countryside with Denzil and Molly, the Green Pantry Cocker Spaniel and Cat. As a family run business we have firm family values staying loyal and promoting our products through good and trusted retailers only.
Since 2008 we have dealt with fantastic customers who continue to stay loyal to Green Pantry through the results they’ve seen.
If you have any questions you would like to ask us, please get in touch. We will reply  to you as soon as possible.