Our Ethics At Green Pantry

Here at Green Pantry, our main aim is to provide fantastic pet food and complete diets for your Dog or Cat. We use holistic principles in the formulation of our diets to create only the best for your pet.

We are incredibly conscious about every ingredient we use. Our products are only made up of ingredients that can be properly digested, and we do not use unsuitable by-products. Wherever we can, we create products sourced from organic farming and local suppliers. We would never use unsuitable chemicals of any description for our products. This includes chemicals for preservation, fortification, taste enhancement or appearance, or for any other reason.

As we are big animal lovers and advocates for pet health, we feel very strongly about the treatment and welfare of animals. We would never and will never use laboratory animals for testing and we do not use products from inhumane farming systems.

We want every pet to have a natural diet that keeps them happy and healthy. Our products are tested by our incredibly reliable ‘tasting panel’ made up of dogs and cats belonging to friendly members of the public. We only want to make the very best for your pet.