Feeding Your Puppy

We recommend a 7 day switch for all life stages and breeds.

Weight of Puppy (kilograms) Amount to feed daily (grams)
1kg – 5kg 50g – 100g
5kg – 10kg 100g – 200g
10kg – 20kg 200g – 300g


Weight of Adult (kilograms) Amount to feed daily (grams)
1kg – 5kg 25g – 50g
5kg – 10kg 50g – 100g
10kg – 20kg 100g – 200g
20kg – 30kg 200g – 300g
30kg – 40kg 300g – 450g

Giving them the best start....

As the mother begins to wean her puppies, slowly introduce Green Dog/Pantry into their diet by soaking the food in warm water to soften – very small puppies can bolt their food and dry kibble can occasionally become stuck in the throat.

Green Dog/Pantry contains all the nutrients required to reflect the natural diet however dogs, like us, thrive on nutritional variety and we recommend the occasional use of wholesome extras which should not exceed about 10 – 20 per cent of the total volume of food given. This also maximises economy and food recycling. Feeding extras encourage a robust digestive system from an early age, ensuring optimum nutrition and preventing the dog from becoming a ‘fussy eater’.  What many people do is give Green Dog during the week and add extras at the weekend.

Green vegetables and meats are the best source of extras.  For example liquidised or boiled green vegetables such as cabbage or broccoli mixed 50/50 with chicken, boneless fish or any other cooked meat.  Avoid all processed food and avoid giving dairy products such as cheese and chocolate.  A good tip is to make a ‘job lot’ of extras and freeze it in small bags that can be thawed out the day before use.

Finely minced, raw whole chicken wings are also suggested as extras, as they provide both meat and calcium in an ideal way. Introduce very small amounts to start with. When the puppy’s teeth have become strong enough to crunch the bones, he can be given whole raw chicken wings and other raw meaty bones. NEVER give cooked bones of any description (these are often sold in pet shops).  If you are not used to feeding bones we can provide a separate information sheet as there are other simple rules to follow.

Other supplements should not be needed. If in doubt please contact us.