Feeding Your Kitten

Giving them the best start....

Q: Feeding Kittens?

A: Your Kitten should start to eat moistened Green Pantry Kibble at around 3-4 weeks of age, and be ready to move on to the Green Pantry dry kibble at around 6-8 weeks. 

Other supplements should not be needed. If in doubt please contact us.

Age of Kitten (months) Amount to feed daily (grams)
under 2 mths 20g – 30g
2 – 4 mths 35g – 50g
4 – 6 mths 55g – 75g
6 – 12 mths 75g+


Weight of Cat (kilograms) Amount to feed daily (grams)
1kg – 2.5kg 30g – 40g
2.5kg – 3.5kg 40g – 45g
3.5kg – 5kg 45g – 50g
5kg+ 50+


Please ensure a fresh water supply is always available.